An Overview Of Seller Financing

An Overview Of Seller Financing

An Overview of Seller Financing

Author: Al Fialkovich, Managing Director of Transworld Business Advisors
Published: March 15th, 2017

Almost 90% of company owners have in no way sold a small business prior to. So if you are at the start off of your investigation on how to sell your small business and have not got a clue exactly where to start, likely you are not alone. A single of the a lot of terms thrown about in discussions surrounding small business acquisitions or small business sales is seller financing. This term is one particular that just about quickly solicits a unfavorable reaction from most sellers, but it ought to not be feared! It should be discovered and understood as a tool to enable sell your business.

The majority of businesses that sell currently include some percentage of owner financing. With a rejection price of about 80%, the SBA application procedure is usually not an alternative for several corporations and purchasers. Companies that advertise seller financing along with their sale create significantly far more inquiries as properly as a 15% larger sale cost (estimation provided by There are several added benefits, as properly as some threat, to seller financing, so it is critical that both the purchaser and seller really feel comfortable in the transaction.

In the following discussion, I will address common questions related to the topic of seller financing in hopes of opening up the discussion for future sellers and their buyers.

What is Seller Financing?
Seller financing is a loan supplied by the present owner of a company to the new owner of mentioned business.

Why Seller Financing?
Purchasers negotiate seller financing for a number of causes. Initially, they may possibly be unable to afford the business at the complete asking price tag. Second, the enterprise transaction, as is, will not qualify for a standard loan. Lastly, there may possibly be a level of uncertainty that the small business will continue to be successful with no the prior owner at its helm. So an owner's willingness to finance a portion of the sale often gives that business an edge over the competitors, by removing some of the buyer's uncertainty.

How is the Seller Protected?
It is important for a seller financed transaction to be handled by professionals who can provide tips and construct documents that guard both the buyer's and seller's interests. Usually, a promissory note is drawn up that illustrates the facts of the agreement. This note contains the recourse that the seller can take if a buyer defaults on the note. In the sale of a small small business, the most likely situation is that the seller would have the suitable to take their previously owned enterprise back into their possession. Added recourse avenues could be using the assets of the business as collateral or using a personal assure from the buyer. Using a expert advisor to construct the terms of the promissory note will ensure that recourse actions are nicely structured.

What Other Terms Are Outlined in the Promissory Note?
The terms of the note are constructed in order to give the buyer sufficient time to repay the note. Payments have to be in an amount that the buyer can afford from the organization revenue even though continuing to run the business at an optimal level. The last issue either celebration desires is for the loan terms to constrict the buyer and sooner or later put them out of company. For this explanation, the term length of seller financing varies based on elements such as: size of the loan, revenue of the business and the capital investment of the purchaser. The interest price charged on a seller financing note is usually in line with existing banking rates.

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